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Many companies, especially tourists, adopt special marketing programs known as commission marketing Affiliate Marketing

In the article below we will learn about it and its tools? How can individuals benefit from them?


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affiliate marketing or commission marketing is in short to take a sum of money for selling a product or service by marketing this product and bringing buyers or sales through you or by marketing and promoting it.

Companies usually provide your own link or code so that orders made through your activity can be distinguished.

You often see glamorous YouTube titles with numbers like $ 10 thousand a month through affiliate marketing!

In fact, they’re just numbers to draw attention, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible. Ultimately, this marketing is a type of e-commerce and depends on the power of your marketing tools.

To achieve success and sustained income from this system, we must:

 Choose the most suitable product and service from the best tourist and hotel products and you can view their programs through their websites.

– To guarantee your right make sure to deal with well-known companies.

 Marketing needs to invest an amount so the market needs to be studied well.


The most important abbreviations you’ll need in commission marketing so you can successfully manage your online advertising campaigns:


It is an abbreviation of the word Cost per action and means cost-for-action. If your advertising campaign is that the customer fills out a form or uploads an app, every act he or she does will be calculated.


It is short for Cost per sales and means cost for every sale.


It is an abbreviation of the word cost per click and means payment for a click.


This insider is known in the world of electronic marketing in two ways that some say Cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions means the cost of a thousand appearances article.


It is an abbreviation of cost per lead and means cost per sale.


We conclude with the difference between affiliate marketing and Drop shipping:

Many marketers are obsessed with choosing Drop shipping or affiliate as a starter, it’s true that both are interesting, yet many entrepreneurs tend to Drop shipping for the most important reasons:

At Drop shipping own your own online store, you are the one designing it yourself.

In Drop shipping, your brand is enhanced unlike commission marketing.

In Drop shipping your right ensures that payments are in your own account.

– Sustainability.

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