Efficiency assessment

Efficiency assessment

Efficiency assessment


Efficiency assessment is one of the most important types of evaluation in enterprises and companies, especially medium and large

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So let’s learn more about its mechanism and importance in the article below


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Competency assessment is the process of considering staff members’ current skill levels and potential competencies that they can acquire or enhance. If done to the entire team in the light of a particular standard such as ISO9001, it reveals the skills gaps that must be filled if the company wants to reach its strategic goals.


The most common types of efficiency assessments:


  • Skills checklists: Skills checklists can be used in vocational training, guidance and on-the-job training programmes where employees notice their progress in achieving the required job performance.

  • Competency assessment tests: Competency assessment tests can be used as a basis for obtaining a degree in a profession, for managing performance, and for verifying knowledge and skills.
  • Online Efficiency Assessments: Job skills lists along with performance standards are well suited to be presented as digital competency assessments.
  • Interviews based on competence and specialization: These are effective means of examining qualified candidates for the job by targeting the specific competencies required for the position.
  • Skills gap analysis: Skills gap analyses can identify gaps in training programmes and staff skills.Rating of 180 ° or 360 °.
  • Competency assessment for recruitment: self-assessment test (sometimes validated by a third party) to determine whether a candidate has the skills to perform the job.

The evaluation process can be made automated and immediate through the use of ERP or specialized programs such as Cognology.


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