Digital Transformation and Automation

Digital Transformation and Automation

Digital Transformation and Automation


We begin today with you a series of new articles on one of the most important topics and the greatest challenges facing enterprises and companies today… This is the process of automation and digital transformation towards management system computing using ERP software and some customized software such as HR or POS… etc.

Digital transformation and automation has become an inevitable entitlement!

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Today we still see the remarkable apprehension by different business owners (Government – Industrial – Medical – Educational – Commercial… etc.) of this step and also see some unsuccessful experiences in transformation of ERP systems such as Odoo, Oracle, Sap and many more.

Here we will answer the following:

What are ERP resource management programs and how can they be transformed? Why do some enterprises and companies fail to do so?

Which is the best use of one separate software for CRM and another for HR management, another accounting program and another for project management? Or use a uniform ERP for everyone and what’s the difference?

Is automation expensive and is it really feasible?

What is the ideal way to go from traditional old mode to 100% digital?

All these questions and more are answered in the article below and the subsequent series of articles.

We begin today with the first question

What are ERP resource management programs and how can they be transformed? Why do some enterprises and companies fail to do so?

Without any complexity, ERP software is the process of change from using traditional methods (such as printed reports, word and excel files, etc.) for internal and external administrative communication with customers to 100% computerized software.

One of the main causes of failure in this shift is:

No distinction is made between ERP solutions and programs and choosing the most suitable solution. This system is what can be customized and Customization work according to your desire such as Oracle and Odoo and which is ready for practical activation in a high percentage and advanced by specialized companies and is not required to build on Oracle or Odoo or others.

For those reasons, the failure to examine the governance of the administrative system and to write a specification pamphlet before going to IT companies and thus to open up endless debates and substantially increase development costs may amount to fictional sums, could have been provided simply through an agreed specification pamphlet and interfaces from the outset.

For those reasons, this change is not well planned, gradually and quickly applied, generating considerable staff resistance and criticism that hampers digital transformation and intimidation of management or owner, and may cause reluctance and indefinite postponement of this decision. In fact, this shift needs months of work and training.

Some business owners believe that it is early to enter into this challenge and the fact that they do not feel, that the fastest-shifting competitors are better able to sustain and save on operational costs in the future, and will certainly be less priced and faster to serve their customers. According to Vision 2023, digitization will be an inevitable entitlement.

Among those reasons, there is a lack of trained and leadership staff to lead the development of these programs and coordinate between staff and information technology companies.

Follow us in the forthcoming articles to answer the rest of the questions God forbid…

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