What is the drop service system?

It is a system that allows people to sell our services without having to provide them themselves directly. When the customer purchases a particular service, the order is transferred directly to us in the smart and strategic task. Our team provides the service and sends it to the customer on your behalf as an independent individual or through you in case you are a licensed and registered company with the same smart and strategy mission activities and services.

Benefits of drop service system :

1. Lower cost: You do not need significant investments in technology or training, dealing with professional providers with sufficient experience.

2. Increased income: Thanks to this system, you can offer a wide range of services without having to specialize in each, giving you an opportunity to increase your income.

3. Risk reduction: Since you do not provide the service yourself, you are not exposed to the risks of providing a low quality service and the responsibility is directly on the provider.

Are you ready for unprecedented success in the e-business world?

Join us in “Smart Mission” and let us help you make the most of Drop Service and achieve your professional ambitions through strategic partnership programs for individuals, companies and institutions interested in providing administrative, marketing and IT services

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