Influencer Ads in Saudi Arabia


According to the statistics platform, spending on influencers’ ads in the Kingdom is expected to reach $74.81 million for this year 2023, and is expected to continue to grow annually at a rate of 11.95% to $117.5 million in 2027!


A series of questions come to mind, including:

– Are there any types of influencers?

– Is advertising through influencers really feasible?

– Which platforms are the highest currently reaching and influential?

– Can a company or enterprise make an influential media face of its own?


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As usual to request our services in the field of economic feasibility studies, strategic analysis and marketing plans, use the following model:

Are there any types of influencers?

In terms of follower numbers, they can be divided into the following types:

  1. Micro influencers (from 5000 to 100 thousand followers).
  2. middle-class influencers (from 100 thousand to 500 thousand followers).
  3. Macro influencers (from 500 thousand to 1 million followers).
  4. Mega influencers (over 1 million followers).


They can also be divided by the nature of content such as (Fashion – Health and Wellness – Beauty and Beauty – Food – Pets – Sport – Tourism and Excursions – Parenthood and Family – Games – Technology – Entertainment… etc.).


They can also be divided in terms of the nature of the business and their relationship to the brand.


– Is advertising through influencers really feasible?

In fact, in order for advertising through influencers to succeed, a number of conditions must be met, including:


– The target group and its location are similar to the nature of my famous followers.

– Repeat campaigns through the same influencer at intervals so as to achieve awareness and stabilize the mark in stages through it.

– Not relying on direct marketing by the influencer and trying to create content with indirect effect, especially when it comes to a particular product, the celebrity must use it practically and prove its effectiveness.


– The cost must be commensurate with the objectives of the sale and be in stages. One ad cannot achieve the desired result and sustainability. The effect of advertising with influencers is limited by a few days, so be careful to contract with the influencer on annual periodic announcements in several ways and with renewed content.


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