ISO 9001 certification

One of the most important measures to activate the quality system according to ISO 9001 is not to override errors, complaints and non-conformities within the enterprise or company without analysis of the root of the problem and without corrective and preventive measures to prevent its recurrence…

Here I emphasize the importance of analyzing the roots of the problem, and for clarification we will discuss the concept through an example:

– Suppose that a utility maintenance company received a complaint from a customer for a delay in maintaining a central air conditioning unit!

The problem may be apparent that the cause and blame lies with the maintenance manager! However, when tracking the causes and roots of the problem, other reasons may be found, for example:

– The call Centre and customer service officer was delayed in delivering the maintenance request to the section concerned.

– The Procurement Officer’s delay in providing the required spare parts.

– CRM program malfunction and delayed IT department in solving the problem.

– Insufficient human resources in the Maintenance Department due to the HR Section’s refusal of additional recruitment requests!

And on this, you might be surprised by a series of virtually unexplained reasons…


Here, the importance of the ISO 9001 specifications lies in its focus on this procedure and on the need to document it and follow up the implementation of corrections and go beyond through prevention to prevent the same imbalance from recurring again…


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