Methods based on business results

Methods based on business results

Methods based on business results


In this thread we will seal the methods based on business results (management method with goals) and evaluate performance from different angles (performance evaluation 360 °).


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  1. Management method with objectives:

This method requires meetings between the evaluator (Supervisor) and the staff member to develop and define the objectives and duties to be achieved and accomplished by the staff member within a certain period of time, The objectives must be clear, realistic and sometimes quantitatively or descriptively defined… and the elements and objective criteria used to measure the achievement of the goals and then evaluate it based on the extent to which these #goals have been achieved and achieved.

We note here that conduct is not assessed ,but depends on the results achieved against the staff member’s established objectives.


This method encourages managers and employees to make an intellectual effort, earns new experience, helps to increase discussions in the organization, encourages employee in setting goals, increases their motivation towards work and achieves their agreed goals, and helps improve contacts between supervisors and employees…

The staff member is also clearly required to accomplish it and to establish benchmarks for measuring the staff member’s level of achievement, the advantage of which is that they begin before actual performance, while other methods begin only after completion of the work.

However, they may be reluctant to focus on staff and individual performance rather than encouraging teamwork.


  1. Performance appraisal from different angles (performance appraisal method (360°):

It is to assess employee based on the assessment of those around him, such as from his manager, whom those he manage them and employees at the same level as #career. Perhaps from clients who deal with him also. Then the average calculation of these evaluations is calculated.

This type of evaluation will achieve an honest and fair assessment of the employee, and the employee will know how others view him and thus allow him to re-examine his behaviors towards them.

At the end, his manager can discover his real imbalances and shortcomings and try to avoid them, directing him to appropriate training.

The most challenging aspect of the 360 degree evaluation is confidentiality. In implementing this type of evaluation, it is preferable to assure staff that the information shared will remain highly confidential so as to ensure accurate results management.

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