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From our follow-up to job applicants, we have noted that much of the CV does not actually match applicants’ qualifications and experiences, and  CV provided often causes them to be excluded despite the required qualifications but is not properly described in the CV provided!


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So how can a professional CV be done?

It is very important that the CV in its general form give a good first impression to the insider, especially since the task of sorting the CVs provided is very difficult in the presence of thousands of applicants, so you must put yourself in the crucible of the employee responsible for screening to fully understand what can catch his attention and urge him to choose your CV.


Top recommendations cv:

First: the perfect shape of the CV.
– Start CV with contact information.
– Practical personal definition: CV target or CV summary (about you).
– Practical experience and achievements.
– Educational level.
– Skills.
– Languages.
Training courses.
-Other sections.
Note: If you are a new graduate without practical experience, it is best to place an education box before practical experience to highlight your scientific abilities. Or volunteer to work in some institutions to gain good experiences within a period of 6 months immediately after your graduation.

Second: It is very important to focus on the content of the summary to suit the target function.

Third: A CV is not only flooded with incomprehensible words because it is difficult or literary, but it is an easy style that everyone especially understands and that a person who reads a CV may come from a study background or process that is very different from your work.

Fourth: Put the logo of each company you worked with previously with the website link.

Fifth: It is preferable to use actions that reflect activities and concentrated efforts during the filling of past posts such as “applied the strategic plan” or “increased profits” rather than “responsible for the application” or “responsible for the increase”…

Sixth: mention the skills suitable for the target job.

Seventh: The golden rule is prepared to write an attractive induction letter knowing its purpose! Explain when writing an induction letter why you want to join the company and what element you look forward to when taking this particular job and how you can succeed in it.


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