Business Incubators

Business Incubators

Business Incubators


Let’s discuss at the outset of the report results of the Global Entrepreneur Network (GEN) entitled:

The Global Startup ecosystems Report GSER2021

It will help us learn about the world’s most important business incubators and then their most important achievements and projects… And follow us…


At the outset we refer to the source of the report which can be downloaded free of charge from the link:


Best business accelerators for the last 10 years in terms of value and funding speed for projects….

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The top investment sectors in startups for the last 10 years were:

– Industry technology and robot systems.

– Food and agriculture technology.

– Artificial intelligence.

– Big Data.

– Block chain.

– Vantec.

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What is the secret of Silicon Valley and why is it always in the lead?

This area brings together the main centers of major technology companies, such as Google, Facebook and Apple, and is known as Silicon Valley because technology companies make chips or chips in their silicon devices.


However, the “Silicon Valley” region is virtually famous until the beginning of the last century, when the telegraph used by the military was invented to exchange messages between military bases, hence the continued technological inventions in this region located in the American West, Northern California.


But most of the research is due to the success of Silicon Valley because Stanford University, one of America’s largest and most prestigious universities, was founded in 1885 and has focused since its founding on scientific research in specialized centers and helping students establish their businesses.

Besides Stanford University, there is the University of California-Berkeley.


To request feasibility studies services and ISO certificates:


One of the most important reasons for the success of business incubators:


– Capital abundance: There are billions of funds based around Stanford and ready to venture to the maximum with students to make their ideas a reality.


– Government support: There is unlimited support from government funds, state institutions and the Ministry of Defense to invest their funds in Stanford’s research.

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