Change management and change planning

Change management and change planning

Change management and change planning


In this article we will explain the main reasons why enterprises and companies fail to manage change successfully and achieve its goals.


We will also clarify what the Change Management Standard for the Change Management Professionals Organization (ACMP Global) is and follow us.


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One of the main causes of failure in change management:


– An exaggerated sense of satisfaction with the old or existing situation and the need for change.

– The absence of a strong alliance between leadership and individuals or staff members and their strong resistance.

– Lack or lack of visibility.

– Insufficient visibility (verbs against words).

– Failure to manage and resolve administrative obstacles.

– Failure to achieve rapid successes that demonstrate the need for such change.

– Declaration of great success early.

– Partial change, which has not been institutionalized or complemented by the Organization’s roots and thus without coordination and complementarity with all.


One of the most popular reasons for resisting change by the team or owners:


– Satisfaction with customary and inclined to maintain patterns of behavior.

– Lack of awareness of the weaknesses and shortcomings of the current situation and the magnitude of the risks involved.

– A sense of disregard and lack of participation.

– Fear of moral and material personal loss.

– Lack of confidence in the decision makers of change.

– Previous experiences of unsuccessful change initiatives.

– Fear of the demands of developing new skills due to change or fear of costs without considering the size of expected returns.

– Fear of performance requirements imposed by change.


The ACMP standard is neutral style and includes:


– A definition of change management practices, processes, functions and activities without tools or templates.

– Guidance and guidance to manage organizational change for any type of change.

– Generally accepted practices and processes used by practitioners across industries, organizations and roles.


To download the standard in various languages including Arabic from the official website of ACMPGLOBAL:

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