Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism


The global medical tourism industry is expected to reach about $1.02 trillion in 2030, a significant increase from the current $476.1 billion market size.


What is medical tourism? What projects are included in them? Follow us.


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Medical tourism is a kind of tourism that aims to go to certain places and countries for the purpose of hospitalization and treatment of certain diseases. This is done by going to medical centers and resorts, as well as some places for therapeutic tourism that depends on mineral water, sulphur and sand.


The UAE is an Arab industry leader. One of the most tourist medical services offered in Dubai is dentistry, which accounts for 46% of visitors, orthopedics and about 18%, and 10% for dermatology, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery and hospital services.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a promising market in this field, because there are many hot eyes spread across different regions. Many chronic pain can be treated through the use of hot mineral water, sulphur water, sand and sunlight which help to treat skin diseases as well.


One of the most beautiful projects within this range globally, therapeutic resorts in India, especially in mountain regions such as the picturesque Himalayas. It offers integrated therapeutic tourism programs in an atmosphere free from noise and Environmental contaminants.

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