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How do you manage social media sites?

social media sites

Social media management tools provide various tasks including content scheduling and posting, social interaction, commenting and sharing.

Many entrepreneurs complain about the poor results of their social media pages!

Here comes a number of questions such as:

Can natural access only be relied upon in social media?

Are paid marketing campaigns the best?

How do I determine the payee’s budget?


Follow below to discuss answers…

Natural access means how many natural views a free post can achieve on social media tools.

For example, Twitter’s average natural access ratio is 3.61% of your followers.

So if the page is completely new and has 100 followers, the access is very, very weak!


So relying as a commercial page only on natural access is not a marketing but a waste of time and effort? But how do some page holders achieve hundreds of views through content only?


In fact, social content is really attractive especially if it is fun, entertaining, funny or includes contests and awards but!

It is not always possible as a business page to adopt such kind of content, because it does not achieve marketing goals or sales objectives.

Here lies the importance of paid and funded campaigns to ensure access to a large number of target groups in a particular place and with specific concerns, but is it logical to always rely on the payee?


Well asked…

Funded campaigns without interesting content suited to the target group is just random posting too rarely achieved.


What do we recommend then?

– Structured and planned work is required to obtain cumulative results over time.

– Market analysis, pricing and promotion ratio of product price is a very serious issue that cannot be neglected.

– Don’t make it the only reason to visit your pages is to buy the product but a kind of useful, entertaining and interesting content close to your product field.

– Determining the nature of targeting b2b -b2c is an important issue in the content nature.

– Audible is better than written and visual is better and better the more you target a wider segment.

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