How to obtain ISO 22001 certification 


In addition to the quality of our services and in cooperation with our strategic partners, we now provide qualification services for ISO 22001 certificates for the food industry.


What is ISO certification 22001? What are its benefits to food plants?


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ISO 22000 is the international standard that sets the requirements for the food safety management system and covers all institutions operating in the food chain from “farm to table”. such as manufacturers of equipment, packaging materials, cleaning agents, additives and components… etc.


ISO certification 22000:2005 also suits companies seeking to integrate their quality management system – for example, ISO 9001 – with the food safety management system.


The standard combines all generally recognized elements to ensure food safety at all stages of the food chain which include:


Interactive communication.

Systems management.

Tighten food safety risk control through advance programs and risk analysis system plans and critical control points.

Continuous development and modernization of the food safety management system.


The advantages of this ISO certification:


Apply internationally recognized processes in your business.

Enhance suppliers’ and stakeholders’ confidence in your business risk control mechanisms.

Apply all risk control mechanisms along the food chain.

Increased transparency and governance.

Develop and improve systems permanently.

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