Investment  in Saudi Arabia


To whom he wants to invest and start a special project, but look for the right partnership, the right field and who to offer! Know How is knowledge and technology the most suitable and in-demand in the domestic (local _ content) and external market as well (export)?


Here’s what we can offer you (as a domestic, foreign or mixed investor) in the smart and strategic mission in coordination and cooperation with various government institutions in the Kingdom:


✅ if the idea is unclear and you’re looking for the right area:

  1. Free initial consultation until you complete your idea and field determination.
  2. Coordinate an appointment with the relevant department of the Ministry of Investment to take advice and initial information for pre-feasibility.
  3. After identifying the idea you can also benefit from the service of writing initiatives for government entities or project proposals to take preliminary approval from the concerned party before entering into the costs of a detailed feasibility study.



✅ if the idea exists and exists:

We can start an economic feasibility study and prepare an integrated investment file for the project including (market study, operational study, financial analysis, operating plan, marketing, commercial identity, facades of platforms or schemes for enterprises with render-three-de mafia, investor offer summary, as well as one year’s free support for any amendments required from industrial/tourism/agricultural funds, etc., other financing entities or investors for the same project).


To request services and communicate with the competent consultant:

Communication and acquisition:


Or through the form:

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