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Markets have been crowded with the trademarks, so it is very important that your trademark pay special attention from the moment of design and the philosophy, concept, logo and even proving its place in the hearts of your customers and target audience…


– In this special article we will discuss several important points and recommendations in this regard:

  1. Recommendations regarding logo design.
  2. Why is it important to register and protect the trademark? What are the requirements?
  3. Can several trademarks be designed owned by one company?
  4. Should the mark be registered in each State to protect it or is it sufficient to register it in one State?


  1. Recommendations regarding logo design:

– Simplicity, flexibility and appropriate colors.

– Uniqueness and authenticity.

– Show your company’s activity.

– Modern and suitable with all times.

– Scalable and derivable logo.

– Easily remembered.

– Balance of elements and consistency of distances.


  1. Logo colors and meanings:

Here is a quick overview of the attributes of each color:

Red: Passion, Love, Strength, Trust

Orange: Trust, Energy, Fun, Optimism

Yellow: happiness, hope, joy and fun

Green: peace, nature, harmony and renewal

Blue: tranquility, intelligence and trust

Purple: Kings, wisdom, compassion and creativity

Pink: optimistic, innovative, creative, childish/feminine

Black: Power, modernity, sophistication and strength

Grey: Neutral, quiet, wise and professional

Brown: natural, stable, friendly and comfortable


  1. Why is it important to register and protect the trademarks? What are the requirements?

– Trademark registration gives you an exclusive right to use your trademark, and customers trust and appreciate this trademark. These trademarks may evolve into billions in value.

– The registered trademark is a legally protected asset, this procedure gives you peace of mind and helps you spread your trademark and not feel afraid to use it without your permission.

– Trademark registration allows you to find the best partnerships, as partners always look for who is interested in protecting their trademark because it is also protecting their interests.

– Trademark registration contributes to increasing its value and reducing operational risks.

– Trademark registration protects the quality level it represents, thereby protecting the company’s reputation.

– Registration of trademarks prevents others from using them, which protects the consumer from feeling confused and flawed when buying the product.

– Registered trademarks add real value to the company, easy to register in the future as a franchise and easy to spread globally.


The most important requirements:

In order to register a trademark in Saudi Arabia, companies must meet some basic requirements and meet specific conditions. First, the trademarks must be jointly owned by natural or moral persons who control certain products or services. In addition, a separate order must be made for each category of products or services. The protection period for trademark registration is 10 years, calculated on the basis of the (lunar) migratory year, which is 11 days less than the Gregorian year. To obtain trademark protection, companies must apply to register with the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia.


Furthermore, fees associated with the registration of a trademark in Saudi Arabia vary by product or service category. For example, requests for trademarks in the food and beverage industry may be charged higher fees than requests for trademarks in the textile industry. However, all trademarks must be registered within 9 years and 8 months (10 years Hijri) from the date of application. Each trademark must be registered by the individual concerned if he is in the Kingdom or by an official agent resident in the Kingdom with written authorization from the trademark owner.


Finally, the Minister of Commerce may authorize the registration of a trademark jointly owned by natural or legal persons controlling certain products or services. In addition, foreign tradmarks registered and used in Saudi Arabia can be registered for at least two years without submitting a new application. Keep these laws and procedures in mind when registering a trademark in Saudi Arabia so that you are aware of all the requirements and can make an informed decision.


Among the most important annexes required:

– Trademark image.

– Attach the translation of the tag with how to pronounce foreign phrases.

– Attach the meaning of the Arabic word if it is not understood by the public.

– Attach a certificate of proof of matching the domain owner in case the photo contains the domain name.

– Attach the supporting documents if the photo contains a date or degree.

– Attach documents such as registration and national identity if it is a local company.

– In case of renewal, the expired registration shall also be attached.


  1. Can several trademarks be designed owned by one company?


  1. Should the mark be registered in each State to protect it or is it sufficient to register it in one State?


Yes, to protect it globally, it must be registered in every country where you are interested in not imitating the product.


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