Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Market in Saudi Arabia


– The market size of Saudi Arabia’s vehicle repair and maintenance market reached $1.3 billion in 2021 according to TechSci Market Research Platform and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.92% to reach $1,882.94 million by 2027.


What are the drivers of this market’s growth? And what is Porsche meant by cloud maintenance? What are the most prominent future opportunities in this area, especially in the electric vehicle sector?


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– The expected growth in this market is due to factors such as population growth, off-road tourism and recreational activities, the lifting of the ban on women driving… etc.


– Cloud platforms supporting automotive maintenance services have emerged through hundreds of specialized garages and Carefer has emerged as the first cloud workshop in Saudi Arabia. This platform helps agencies and companies specializing in vehicle maintenance by expanding their business in different regions and at the lowest costs, and such partnerships are a vivid example of the success that the Alliance of National Companies and Local Innovations can achieve in improving the vehicle sector and meeting consumers’ needs.


– Carefer started operations in 2016 and currently works with more than 1,700 service providers, providing services to individuals and companies in the Kingdom’s 28 city of more than 300 thousand users.


– Future opportunities:

  1. Invest in establishing electric or hybrid car agencies, especially rising cars and with the strength of local, Chinese, Turkish or Moroccan industries.
  2. Invest in charging stations and battery maintenance.
  3. Invest in apps and e-stores that provide various related services.
  4. Investment in lamination.
  5. Invest in and maintain tour cars and caravans and maintain their own furniture and equipment.
  6. Invest in car accessories.
  7.  Investing in tire recycling.


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