What is a brand


The brand is more than just a name, term, design or code. They are designed to live in the minds of everyone who experiences them and most important customers.


To request identity design service and its components:


We start with the symbols:

Code ®

The R symbol within a circle is a short word (registered) meaning that the brand is registered and has legal rights that cannot be infringed by exploiting the logo, word or brand, and is present in a small line below the logo or trademark.


Code TM

This code is abbreviated as Trademark or trademark and is commonly used to promote a famous commodity that has not registered the brand with official entities, but because of its fame it has become associated with its company and has the right to prosecute anyone who uses its logo on a product other than the original product and who is legally prosecuted.


Code SM

This code is abbreviated as “Service Providers”, meaning companies that provide services, and is not officially registered.


Code ©

And the letter C within a circle means (Copyright) and it is copyright and it is specific to things that are composed of songs, books, pictures and designs in various fields It means that the owner has rights, cannot be redeployed without his or her valid consent, but can sue you legally.


The brand strategy helps transfer your brand personality to your potential customers, you can identify your brand personality and sell it to customers, it’s not just about selling, you need to select the personality offer to create positioning and ultimately the long-term relationship with customers.


We will review examples of known strategies such as:

Multi-brand strategy.

Brand extension strategy.

Production line extension strategy.

Branded house strategy.

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