customs coordination

customs coordination

What is the customs coordination code?


What is the customs coordination code? Or what is known at importers and exporters as:



How can this code be used very heavily in market analysis and in analyzing the volume of imports and exports of goods?


Follow the following article, this information is very important…


To request feasibility studies, market analysis and marketing plans services:


HS-Code Customs Coordination Code for Product:

A number that includes the names, description and distinction of goods and the categories of customs duties to which they are subject and is used in the classification and identification of Product

The products are also added in the Saber platform via the Customs Coordination Code (HS-code).

There is great importance to the possession of the Customs Coordinator Code, especially since, as we have indicated, such symbols would enhance and regulate the process of customs clearance and international circulation of goods.


The Customs Coordinator Code is also very important in several functions such as:

  1. Facilitating the process of customs exploration through the General Customs Authority of the Kingdom
  2. Accelerate procedures for issuing a certificate of conformity.
  3. Facilitate the process of customs controls.
  4. Compatibility with WCO’s harmonized system.
  5. Apply the new integrated tariff to all customers.
  6. Add various products on the # Saber online platform Saudi Arabia through customs coordinated code.
  7. Helps the Statistical Authority to issue its annual reports on the volume and quantity of imports and exports.
  8. Research offices help analyze the volume of demand and set markets annually.
  9. It is easy to sort and understand sub-products and their classifications.

As for the code composition, each part of it has meaning as shown in the attached infographic.

The first 6 digits are globally standardized, while each country can place the last 4 digits based on its statistical needs.


For a list of codes for the Saudi market:




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