Enterprise resource planning

Which is the best use of one separate software for CRM and another for HR management, another accounting program and another for project management? Or use a unified ERP for everyone and what’s the difference?

In fact, some legacy companies and after companies that acquired other companies suffer from the problem of multiple ERP or Modules software used!

The same company has multiple programs, for example:

Primavera or MS project for project management and planning.

Odoo or Oracle Accounting.

Salz Force as CRM system for customer service.

Although these programs can be linked technically and difficult, they are a completely unhealthy phenomenon for the following reasons:

– The use of several programs in the same enterprise may negatively affect the customer’s experience with the company due to multiple programs, models and possibly delays in processing operations…

– Poor transparency and difficult administrative tracking of operations.

– Multiplicity of data centers and additional costs that can be provided through the standardization of sleeves.

– Higher maintenance costs and several contracts with several agents for these programs.

– Auditing whether for ISO quality systems or accounting and annual inventory will be more difficult and complicated.

– It will be difficult to provide a professional IT employee in several programs at the same time to provide quick service to employees.

– The risks of cybersecurity in the enterprise will increase.

– Financial management will not be able to track costs computerized 100% and will show many routine tasks consuming time and effort for the purpose of transmitting and feeding information.

We therefore always advise that you plan the change process towards comprehensive automation using an appropriate and unified ERP system for all sections.

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