How to get HACCP certification

In this new and special article we will learn more about HACCP certification and why it is one of the most important certificates in the food industry?


We will also try to understand the complementarity with the world standard ISO22000 follow us…


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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a preventive system for food safety by identifying risks to its safety, and thus identifying critical CCPs that need to be controlled to ensure product safety.


The HACCP system can be applied in food production companies, food suppliers’ companies, wholesalers, retail companies, seed and feed production companies, farmers, packaging production companies, manufacturing additives, catering and other…

Some of the most important requirements for obtaining a HACCP Certificate:

– The enterprise is required to be official and have an _ commercial record.

-The Foundation must comply with the requirements of the # HACCP Standard with its latest issuance.

– The institution has a documented management system.

– The staff of the organization shall be trained and qualified to apply the requirements of the HACCP specification.

– The institution has the ability to correct its mistakes and take action to prevent their recurrence and identify the root causes of problems through the existence of an internal audit team in the institution.

– The institution should succeed in passing the external audit “external audit” without any inconsistencies.


Difference between HACCP and ISO systems:

– While HACCP focuses only on food safety, ISO goes further.

– ISO also looks at business operations, purchases, management system, management structures and complete customer journey details as well as after-sales.

– Global, more famous and independent ISO certificates, many companies are expected to convert their HACCP certification into ISO 22000in the near future.

– Obtaining HACCP certification is a legal obligation so that we can ensure food safety for consumers.


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