What is the difference between withdrawal and payment strategies in marketing and promotion?

In this important article we will discuss their definition, differences and examples of each type, follow us.

For B2B marketing packages and service requests, use the form:

– They are promotional methods targeting markets by either pushing the product towards customers or pulling customers to the product through the sale chain.

– Withdrawal strategy is a strategy that includes tools to promote end-consumer marketing efforts.

– Payment strategy is a strategy that includes the direction of marketing efforts to guide partners.

A payment strategy is a marketing and distribution approach that involves the use of intensive marketing promotion to include advertising and specific sales promotion tactics targeting wholesalers and retailers, the aim is to promote the product to distribution brokers so that they can sell it to consumers, thereby pushing it to people.


The withdrawal strategy involves the promotion of the product directly to the end consumers, the aim is to create public awareness and demand, and thus pressure the brokers to carry and sell the product, this approach in marketing and distribution pulls the product through the distribution channel.

The payment marketing strategy focuses mainly on building and maintaining relationships with distributors while the marketing withdrawal strategy focuses on promoting the product or brand directly to consumers so that it creates demand that in turn encourages distributors to resell.

When can payment marketing be helpful?

– When launching a new project, website or unknown sign and has no reputation.

– When introducing new products.

– For sales and temporary promotions.

– When expanding to new markets.

– To generate cash flow or sales quickly.

– To help get rid of the product’s inventory before the end of the season

– To help enhance brand recognition when competing against a dominant competitor.

Marketing through withdrawal is the core business strategy of companies looking to:

– Ensure long-term business growth.

– Dominance in a particular place or industry.

– Build a returning customer base or improve loyalty.

-To enhance brand recognition while engaging customers and visibility.

– Increased traffic on social media.

– Improve sales and revenue at a reasonable cost, without expensive advertising budget.

-React with customers before they know what they want.


Examples of a withdrawal strategy include:

– Offers of discounts.

– Influencers and advertisements.


Examples of a payment strategy include:

– Trade show to encourage retailer demand.

– Direct sale to customers in showrooms or face to face.

– Negotiate with retailers to store your products and configure your own chain.


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