360  degree rating

360  degree rating

360  degree rating


360  degree evaluation is one of the most important methods of evaluating modern staff globally. What is it? And why should we use? How is this assessment done?


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360  degree evaluation means evaluating the performance of enterprise members from different perspectives. In this type of evaluation, employees are evaluated by their colleagues, team members, managers, team members or subordinates, even by themselves and by clients as well. In this form, reliable data is collected in all respects.


This system helps every employee understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as know aspects of their work that need to be developed and improved professionally by receiving some constructive feedback that contributes to improving the performance of employees.


Successful companies use this system to reduce the risk of discrimination during performance evaluation.

The 360 degree evaluation method is performed by designing a questionnaire, and in a 360 degree questionnaire the focus is usually on assessing management skills, technical skills, social qualities and personal qualities.

For this purpose, questions are designed in the form of questions answered on the scale of Likert on a scale of 1 to 5.


Models of the most frequently used questions in this area:

What is the ability of the person being evaluated to solve the problem in times of crisis and emergence of problems?

How much does a person control their emotions in the event of a conflict?

To what extent does the evaluated person have full recognition of his or her role and responsibilities in the work unit?



One of the most popular platforms specializing in 360 evaluation tools:


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