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motion graphic

motion graphic

What is Motion Graphic Video? And what kinds? Why and how is it used effectively?


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Motion Graphic is a great visual addition to your business. It creates an immersive experience and can be used to display a product in a real environment. Motion Graphic is an animation of elements, views or scenes that give you the impression that you live in…


The most important thing about Motion Graphic is that you make your photos consistent with your brand without any hassle. Color balance, motion flow, the appearance of each element of your design, you can customize it as long as it is in line with the brand identity.


Motion Graphic Video Types:

In terms of the way of drawing it two-dimensional and three-dimensional. There are advanced types such as anime.

– In terms of quality, including:

  1. Educational.
  2. Motion app interfaces.
  3. Motion Logos.
  4. Motion Icons.
  5. Motion Promotions.
  6. Stories.


What is the difference between motion graphic and info graphic?

Motion Graphic is a video that contains graphics moving in a particular pattern. Info Graphic is used to provide clearly and easily complex information and integrate texts, images and graphics to detect a particular information without motion.


The most popular software for the design of Motion Bulldozer:

Adobe After Effects

Adobe illustrator

Final Cut Pro

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