My Online Store

My Online Store

My Online Store

Which is better?

Sell my products through my own online store or display these products and sell them through well-known stores such as Amazon _ Saudi Arabia, Noon… etc!


Is it possible through both?

Does the cost of marketing relate to this decision?

Follow below what you’ll know about it may change your whole way of working.


It is with great regret that many new entrepreneurs are rushing to make this decision without studying _ the feasibility of demonstrating his money and what he is up to!

E-commerce is not just a product image and price! There are many direct and indirect costs necessary for the success and continuity of this work, the most important of which is promotion.

Simply equipping your own store and opening pages on social media tools are all without exception and relying on natural access even if the content describing the products is creative! This never means that you did the job of marketing you disabled the promotion and it is one of the most important items!

But I don’t have enough money to promote!

Here’s the story. Promoting needs to invest at least 4% of your selling goal in promoting and in the case of new products you may need much more to reach out to the public, prove the brand and rely on its good reputation.


So what’s the solution?


If the budget is not available, it is recommended to rely on popular sites to sell products such as Amazon, Noon and others.

These sites are characterized by a large number of visitors flowing and easy to use, bearing in mind that they will also take a proportion of the product price and also ask for a fee for the product to appear on the home page.


But that’s not all.

These sites will help you study the most successful and in-demand products and provide you with technical support and trusted by the dealers.

However, it is considered that the competitor can also use them, and these sites do not provide you with direct communication between you and the customer by telephone but through messaging.


What do we advise?


Start a feasibility study for your project even if the product is simple, because the selling goal that guarantees high income is not achieved without real investment.

– Graduation in project implementation, start in stages so that investment development makes sense and is commensurate with the objectives.

– The product’s failure to achieve good sales at first does not mean its failure.

– You can always view your products through your store and through well-known stores but taking into account the prices and impact of the promotion ratio and the known store ratio. It is not wise for the product to offer several prices, as this could damage the store’s reputation.

– The journey of establishing a store project _ Electronic is not easy, consult the strain of the road.


To request marketing services _ digital, design and manage promotional campaigns and services to establish and enter electronic store data


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