Issuance of ISO Certificates

Issuance of ISO Certificates

Issuance of ISO Certificates


International funds specialized in the auditing and issuance of ISO certificates, We often hear about the  IAF Foundation, what is its role and what is its role?



To request qualification services and consultations for certificates:

ISO 9001 – 14001 – 45001

ISO 13485 Medical


Use the form:



The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) is a global consortium of accreditation bodies and other bodies interested in evaluating conformity in the areas of management systems, products, processes, services, personnel, verification and auditing and other similar conformity assessment programs. /


Under this international organization involves 94 accreditations, 28 associations, 11 international accreditation groups and 80 signatories recognized under multilateral conventions.


The organization’s main objectives are:


– Facilitation of international trade.

– Develop the principles and practices of procedures for assessing conformity with standards.

– Accreditation of audited bodies.


The organization’s head office is located in Canada and one of its most important members in the Gulf region is the Gulf Accreditation Center:


One of the most popular credentials of its members working globally:


– Korean Accreditation Board (KAB).

– International  Accreditation Services (IAS).

– British accreditation UKAS.

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