Size of automotive tire industry in Saudi Arabia

In this article we will talk about a product that is considered one of the most consumed products globally as well as one of the most dangerous products to the environment.

According to the Index Box Data Analysis Platform, the size of the Kingdom’s passenger-only automotive tyre industry was US $1.1 billion for 2022, while overall, it was US $1.7 billion for the same year.

This market is expected to continue to grow at a growth rate (CAGR of + 2.6%) to $2.2 billion in 2030.

Tyres pose a major challenge to environmental safety due to large consumption and the difficulty of rubber degradation For this reason, the importance of recycling projects has emerged, some types of such projects have relied on the use of tyres in aesthetic applications but are not effective and some have been more sophisticated The framework for primary materials such as rubber cutting, metal steel and fuel is restored and used in many projects such as road projects, insulators, construction projects, shoe industry and some sports equipment…

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