Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Experience


Customer experience is not just a procedure.

It focuses on the feelings of your current and potential customers towards your brand.


In this tweet we will discuss a very important topic and we will answer the following:

What is the CX customer experience strategy?

What is different from customer service or interaction with CS&CE?


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The customer experience (CX) indicates how a company interacts with its customers across every aspect of the purchase journey – from marketing to sales to customer service and everything that happens between them. In large part, it represents the total of all customer interactions with your brand.


So why is the customer experience so important?


Customers differentiate on the basis of experiences with your company more than specific product or service features and functions.


Customers want to feel connected to their favorite brands, and want companies to know and respect them.


This strategy encompasses all parts of the company without exception, each of which has its own role From understanding the customer’s needs through determining what the customer expects from your service or product and what you promise and then going to produce the product or service with all the points of communication with the customer until delivery.


In fact, delivery does not end up, unlike here are the most important points of journey where it is important to measure efficiency and performance.

Then analyze the results and work to improve the experience and avoid defects in the future which is exactly what international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and other global standards such as # COPC focus on.

Taking into account the difference between customer experience, service and communication where they include them together.


The customer experience has a direct impact on your earnings. It is a well-known fact that getting new customers is significantly more expensive than keeping your existing customers.


A happy customer is also an indirect marketer for you by talking about you to other potential customers and so the tag spreads and increases loyalty to it.


Examples of key performance indicators of a client’s experience:

Customer repeat order.

Increased sales.

Decrease in complaints.

Increase customers from outside your marketing campaigns.


CRM software can help you measure, track and manage customer relationships and is a basic module in most ERPs.

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