How to write a research methodology?


It is important to complete any study or research following a clear methodology.


What is the methodology, what are the types of methodology and how are they correctly written?


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Scientific research curricula are defined as the method used by the researcher to properly prepare scientific research so that he or she can arrange and coordinate his or her ideas in order to arrive at valid conclusions, solutions and results on the topic around which the scientific study takes place.


Types of curricula used in scientific research:

Descriptive curriculum: The descriptive curriculum is based on case study and analysis, job study and work to study developments, express them, and the descriptive curriculum is used in social studies and human research.

 Pilot curriculum: The experimental curriculum is based on experience and the development of hypotheses about the phenomenon to be studied. Through the experimental curriculum, the variables related to the subject matter of the study and the study of the relationship between them are also among the most prominent approaches based on the scientific method in scientific research.

 Survey studies curriculum: This approach is based on the collection of information and data on the subject of scientific research in order to study the phenomenon around the research, within a given time. The survey curriculum is used in many studies and research, especially with regard to descriptive studies.

Analytical and comparative curriculum: It is based on the dismantling of the elements underlying the research problem, and work on their analysis separately, in order to reach rules and provisions that help solve the problem around the research, the analytical curriculum is used in social and market studies… etc.

And many others like: historical curriculum. Case study curriculum. Content analysis methodology. Inductive curriculum. Extraordinary approach. Comparative approach. Philosophical curriculum. Creative curriculum. Predictive approach. Social curriculum. Growth and Development Study Curriculum… etc.


How to write a research methodology?

1.     Select the subject and title of research and identify the problem and challenges.

2.     Develop and describe the research plan and the type of research methodology (an unusual methodology of necessity can be designed with a description of logic and style).

3.     Data collection and analysis with identification of sources.

At the end of the research, the findings, conclusions and recommendations are written.

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