How to fire an employee


It is normal as an owner, company manager or department to have some problems with employees.
Many of them may not realize how difficult and costly the decision to terminate services and replace is.
Which is the best replacement or attempt to train and qualify?
What is the right way to terminate an employee’s services?


When evaluating performance, there are many weaknesses in some staff, in which case the direct manager has options:

– Start the search for an alternative, including procedures, interviews, tests, handover phase and the costs involved.
– To try to train and correct the staff member’s situation.

In fact, both options were costly and risky in terms of the end result.

Here comes the ability and skill of the Direct Manager and Human Resources Manager to analyze and assess both situations and the scale of opportunities and threats resulting from each decision, going with the least harmful and costly option.
It is understood that many jobs are technical and sometimes require public relations and cumulative knowledge that is neither easy to form nor a substitute staff member with the same expertise as required. It would therefore be prudent to invest in training and development as long as the employee’s will is positive and he or she is willing to improve.
At the same time, there are very sensitive functions such as leadership, financial and marketing functions that do not bear further shortcomings, especially if the company’s conditions are unstable and need urgent corrective and preventive steps, and here an alternative is required both from within and outside the organization as long as it possesses the required expertise and qualifications.
It is very important to try to assess the possibilities and capabilities of a shortened staff member and try to reinvest him in a suitable position of employment. If such opportunities do not exist, the termination of services can proceed but…
What is the right way to terminate an employee’s services?

– Abrupt termination of the employee’s services without warning and explanation of the reasons for an official letter in accordance with the requirements of the Labour Code.
-Abusing the employee or insulting in any way and maintaining good relationship and continuous communication even after leaving the company and completing full delivery.
Don’t give him untruthful future promises to come back.


It is important to:
The staff member’s duties shall be handed over to the new staff member as well as to the Covenant and the secretariats.
– Choose the right time and do not rush, especially if there are critical and sensitive tasks with the employee.

Don’t surprise him and step into reporting.

Do not deprive him of his right to an experience certificate.

Good morality is what distinguishes us from all other societies.


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