What is the communication strategy?


What is the communication strategy? Why is it important for each company to develop this strategy and plan for achieving its goals?


What are the elements of communication strategies? How do they affect enterprises and companies internally and externally?

Let’s discuss these points together through the article below…


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If there are no clear strategic objectives for the organization or the company, it is never possible to build a successful communication strategy no matter what resources or potential you have!


Therefore, the development of these strategies helps organizations to communicate effectively and achieve…


It is a fundamental process that links the analysis of the current situation with the implementation of the comprehensive change outreach program through the implementation of the communication strategy development plan internally and externally.


The communication strategy consists of important elements including:

– Analysis of the current situation and assessment of gaps at the level of:…


(Internal administrative system, management and leadership policies, quality policies, identity or brand, digital or interactive communication with the public and the media, human resources and the team, procedures, technology, budgets and mechanisms for measuring and evaluating performance and objectives).


– Locating the required change and developing a change plan.


To design a professional development plan for communication strategies, very important points must be covered, including:

– Installation and placement mechanism of the enterprise’s trademark.

– Values and principles.

– The environmental and social impact of the Foundation’s work.

– Channels of communication with the audience and content strategy.

– Risk management strategy.


These strategies are highly integrated with international ISO standards, as they are an integral part of the requirements of most administrative specifications such as ISO 9001 for the comprehensive quality system.

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